Catalan at UIUC Station



Favorite bands / favorite songs: Playlist including (more or less in order of preference) instructors’ favorite songs of their favorite bands.

Pop, alternative & electronic: This playlist shares many songs with the previous one. Indeed, the new wave of Catalan bands has produced quality music.

Rumba catalana: Joyful and rhythmic music that’s going to make you feel like dancing.

Fast and loud: This playlist starts with two amazing bands that mix distorted guitars and accelerated rhythms with traditional Catalan instruments. Then you will find two famous and very beloved rock and heavy metal Catalan bands from the nineties.

All-styles sample: The best playlist if you want to get a glimpse of all the different styles Catalan artists can offer you.

ALL OF IT: All the songs included in the previous playlists, plus all the Catalan music known by the instructors. Tons of music and we just started working on it.


Catalan at UIUC station: This is the playlist we are using to supplement Catalan music with background images in the “Catalan at UIUC Station” in the FLB lobby. Most of them are cool videoclips.


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